Charly, an inspired sculptor

Visit an unusual place to the north-west of Montpellier: Charly’s studio!
Amongst the vines of St Guiraud, a strange sort of bestiary has found a place. It includes winged creatures with beaks made of secateurs, fish with sharp scales, and a procession of hybrid creatures. You are spoilt for choice in the garden and studio of this artist who recovers and transforms everything he comes across. An interesting place to explore with the family, a group of friends or as a couple.

Who is Charly?

Sculpture, le bétail en folie, Charly - Hérault, le Languedoc © Photothèque Hérault Tourisme
harly Kruse, originally from Germany, is an unusual artist. He loves metal, welding torches and showers of sparks. He works with pieces of iron or old agricultural and industrial tools that have been thrown away by a consumer society in a hurry to get rid of them. Whether tiny or huge, his creations hark back to our childhood. In the hands of this modern magician, ordinary bits of metal come to life and turn into real sculptures. He also built his own studio and exhibition room. His personal, imaginative style always excites curiosity.

A passion: recovering and transforming

Sculpture, le Dinosaure, Charly - Hérault, le Languedoc © Photothèque Hérault Tourisme

Changing the way that objects are normally used can inspire you to see them in a different light. Charly’s world is boundless. He has taken part in lots of cultural events and won gold, silver and bronze medals at many exhibitions. Today, he is working on the decoration of several local restaurants and is designing tables and chairs. Worth a visit, very soon!

Studio ‘Annick et Charly’

21 route de St Félix

34725 Saint Guiraud

33 (0)4 67 96 64 03 or 33 (0)6 85 87 47 79


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