Languedoc countryside

In the South of France, the Languedoc countryside fluctuates between sprawling vineyards and
the 'garrigue', or Mediterranean scrubland. These landscapes are typical of the region
and bear witness to its long past and more than one thousand years of
agricultural activity under the warm Mediterranean sun.

The song of the cicadas at siesta time and crickets in the early evening really bring the olive groves and vineyards to life. White dry stone walls line the winding pathways that lead to tiny churches or abbeys,
remote and isolated under the hot sun. Beyond these small valleys, take time
to discover shady villages where time seems to have stood still.

Pic Saint-Loup en été - Hérault, le Languedoc © Régis Domergue

Minerve - Hérault, le Languedoc © Photothèque Hérault Tourisme - S. Foucault

Here, you'll find another side to the South of France, one that’s sweetly perfumed with the scent of thyme and lavender, dotted with the pale hues of hundred-year-old olive trees, and governed by the seasonal rhythms of its winegrowing culture.

Here, on the Languedoc plains, Mother Nature
has remained virtually unchanged. Time drifts slowly by,
in the shady little alleyways of picturesque villages,
lulled by the sound of the cicadas.

Through the heat-haze on the distant hillsides, you can glimpse landscapes that offer a perfect transition between the cooling breezes of the nearby coast and the mountains that overlook the region like a vast natural terrace.

Man has long travelled across this land, walking the length of the pilgrims' ways since time immemorial. And today, it's along hiking trails, mountain biking tracks,
or on horseback along the bridle paths.

In summer, the heat can be scorching if there is not refreshing breeze to bring relief. The hottest point tends to be between the mountains of Languedoc and the Mediterranean. Autumn’s rare showers cannot compete with the brilliance of the turning leaves in the vineyards.

And whilst the winters are usually mild, in the spring there is a real explosion of colours, and the Languedoc plains
really come into their own.

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