Sea and beaches in Languedoc

Double the pleasure, right on the edge of the Mediterranean. In the sea, try out some water sports
or just enjoy splashing around with the kids. On the beach, spend some quality time
with the family or a more romantic moment with your partner.

100 km of coastline! And here in the South of France the coastline is one of the most well-protected of the whole Mediterranean region. In the sunshine, between sea and lakes, come and spot some pink flamingos,
or sit and watch the acrobatic kite-surfers and body-boarders.

Stage de catamaran à la Grande-Motte - Hérault, le Languedoc © Olivier Octobre

Plage - Hérault, le Languedoc © Photothèque Hérault Tourisme - S. Durand-Keller


This crescent-shaped stretch of land and sea is bathed in sunshine and just breathes calming sea air. All around, the gold and ochre shades of the sand meet the glittering
reflection of the sun on the water.

From East to West, nearly 100 km of mainly protected coastline await you. The coast stretches out amidst lagoons, lakes and the Mediterranean sea, giving this Languedoc coastline a rugged, picturesque charm. The softly sloping sandy beaches are the perfect place to relax or play.

Two hills rise up out of this sandy coastline: Sète Mont Saint-Clair and Agde’s Mont Saint-Loup. They make two rather original landmarks along this stretch of coastline. The steep, sheer remains of the former volcanoes at Cap d’Agde give way to a creek bordered by basalt cliffs. In Sète, the cliffs of the Corniche coastal road overlook the Mediterranean below
and offer hikers some breathtaking views.

Looking more closely at the coastline, the area around Béziers to the West opens out onto vast wine-growing plains. The Canal du Midi runs through this land, with many engineering works to admire, such as in Vias, for example.

To the East, starting out at Montpellier or
La Grande-Motte, you'll gradually find yourself
in the natural region of the Camargue.
At the centre, around Sète, a slim sandbank separates the sea from the Etang de Thau, a veritable inland sea in itself.

Running along the edge of the coastline, numerous lakes provide a safe haven for pink flamingos and egrets. The reeds bend gently in the light sea breeze. Fishermen, shellfish farmers and water sports lovers
all live in harmony, with total respect for the generous environment.


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