The Oppidum d'Enserune

A Languedoc archaeological site that is now a listed National Monument, the Oppidum d’Ensérune
is one of the most important Gaulish villages in the South of France.

An original idea for a cultural visit with family or friends. Just 10km from Béziers, this archaeological site is an outstanding example of a prehistoric village. Built on a rocky headland, it offers a 360° view of the wine-growing plains and the astonishing Etang de Montady, a wetland drained by monks
in the 13th century and reminiscent of a bicycle wheel.

Oppidum Ensérune - Hérault, le Languedoc © Photothèque Hérault Tourisme - Julie Noclercq

Things to see

Musée D'Ensérune - Hérault, le Languedoc © Bernard LIEGEOIS (Droit web jusq OCT 2010)

This oppidum is typical of dwelling places in southern Gaul from the Bronze Age until the Roman conquest. It was inhabited continuously throughout this period. On the site, the museum has most of the archaeological finds on show including an excellent collection of Gaulish
ceramics and weapons.
Take advantage of the commentated guided tours (high season) or borrow an audio guide.

A remarkable panorama

Oppidum d'Ensérune - Hérault le Languedoc © Jacques Debru

The oppidum is located on a steep hillside, at the crossroads of many important land and sea routes.
Down below, the Roman Via Domitia used to connect Rome with Spain. Today,
the oppidum dominates the plains of Béziers and its famous vineyards.
The view here is truly amazing, owing chiefly to the Etang de Montady, a drained wetland situated on the plain and just a few hundred metres from the oppidum. It is a real curiosity in itself, with fields that have radiated out from a central point like the rays of the sun since the ditches were first dug to drain the land in the 13th century. And the Oppidum d'Ensérune offers the very best view.
Running under the hillside, the Canal du Midi takes the 170 metre long Malpas Tunnel, bored in 1679
and the first tunnel in the world to have been dug specifically for a canal.


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