The Thau and Pezenas areas

An "ocean garden" alongside the Mediterranean in southern France. Enjoy the oysters from Bouzigues, contemporary culture in Sète and the vineyards at Pézenas.

Choose your holiday at the coast or in the countryside. Between the coastal resort of Cap d'Agde, the port of Sète, Molière's town of Pézenas or the Thau Basin and its attractive fishing ports, enjoy a great stay accompanied by some delicious flavours and impressive landscapes.

Sète, a picturesque and colourful French port

As the third largest Mediterranean port, Sète is a colourful, cultural melting pot of a town, full of contrasts.

  • For the nostalgic artists among you: the Georges Brassens Museum, the International Museum of Modest Art
  • For contemporary art lovers: the École Sétoise (Sète School), the well-known Pierre Soulages and the new wave with the Di Rosa Brothers (see the  Mamma in Place de l'Hospitalet) or Robert Combas represented at the CRAC (Centre Régional d'Art contemporain/Regional Contemporary Art Centre)
  • For fans of popular festivals: the St Louis Festival on August 25th , otherwise known as the "Fishermen's Festival" with water jousting, sardinades or macaronades
  • To discover southern music: the Fiesta Latina or the Thau Festival

Pézenas, from Molière to Boby Lapointe

The renown of Pézenas increased massively between the 17th and 18th centuries. To enjoy a journey back in time in the steps of Molière, be sure to visit the Scénovision, (a scenographic museum) and stroll through the streets as you discover the luxurious private mansions.
The Boby Lapointe "Printival" pays tribute to this French musician and songwriter who was very fond of word plays and puns.

All the taste of the "Ocean Garden"

The cuisine from the Thau Basin offers a gastronomic voyage of discovery around the Mediterranean, including oysters, mussels and other shellfish, tielle, bourride de lotte, stuffed mussels, squid and rouille to name but a few. Delicious flavours synonymous with the sea and sun, washed down with local wines or Noilly-Prat. The fish markets and food markets in Sète are always a "must" for amateur or professional cooks.

photo Jacques DEBRU Droit web jusq OCT 2010


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