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CAP-D'AGDE - Destination Pays de Thau - Sea - Town

Located off the coast of the Cap d’Agde, the Fort de Brescou is built on top of the submerged part of an old undersea volcano. It was Cardinal de Richelieu’s dream to make it the entrance to a great port, but the work was stopped after his death.

Built by the Vicomte de Joyeuse in 1586, its primary role was to defend. Unfortunately, its modest fortifications were unable to withstand Montmorency’s revolt and it was completely destroyed in 1632.

Restored from a ruin, it was rebuilt how we see it today in 1680, probably using Vauban's plans.
It became a state prison in the 18th century.

The site can be viewed from a boat but can no longer be visited.


Latitude : 43.2633625, Longitude : 3.50159168


Téléphone :+33 4 67 01 04 04


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