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SAINT-GELY-DU-FESC - Destination Cévennes Pic Saint Loup - Countryside

The Coulondres Philippe Eldridge park used to be part of an enormous agricultural estate. At that time, sheep grazed on the estate and men maintained the scrubland. Following a drop in agricultural activity and a decline in the labour force, the former owner could not continue to maintain the park.
So the municipality acquired the 18-hectare site in 1988 to make optimum use of it, protect it from fires and open it up to the public. The municipal technical departments carried out a great deal of restorative work and the forest fire brigade cleared wood from the plot. To keep the scrub under control, some herbivores were introduced.
Fallow deer, sika deer, mountain sheep and Girgentana goats all successfully acclimatised to the park. This ecological measure also contributes to animal diversity and the conservation of Mediterranean species.



Groups welcome. Romantic holiday, Family, Among friends

Latitude : 43.6915427, Longitude : 3.8041891


Route de Ganges
Téléphone :+33 4 67 66 86 16


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