Heritage and culture

Festivals, live entertainment, centres of knowledge and remembrance, contemporary architecture, ancient traditions, cathedrals, churches, chapels, Romanesque art, chateaux, castles, abbeys, the list goes on. In the Hérault area, heritage and culture are part of everyday life. When you set out to discover them, your path will take you through times past and present.
The history of the Hérault area can be read in its heritage and in the works of great writers, musicians and artists who spent time there: Rabelais, Molière, Frédéric Bazille, Paul Valéry, Georges Brassens, Max Rouquette, Bobby Lapointe, Jean-Claude Carrière, Hervé Di Rosa  and many more...
  • Châteaux, castles, cathedrals, abbeys nestling in the vineyards, contemporary masterpieces by famous architects ranging from Jean Nouvel to Zaha Hadid...

  • Languedoc has been settled by humans since prehistoric times.
    In the classical era they grew grapes. Ever since, changes in the landscape have continued to be linked to what really is a ‘wine-growing civilisation’.

  • The identity of this part of Occitania, a blend of legend, religion, folklore and friendliness, shows itself in the traditional festivals: water jousting, bull games, carnivals and more.
  • Some of the ‘Most Beautiful Villages of France’, ‘Towns of Art and History’, etc. Often tucked away in quiet corners of the countryside where you can explore the surrounding area, they are not to be missed.

  • Tracks wind their way across Languedoc, and have been walked since the beginning of time. Roman roads and the Santiago de Compostela pilgrim route  bear witness to the long history of southern France.

  • Mountains, rivers, rocks, bridges… The landscapes and monuments of the Hérault area have fired people’s imagination since the dawn of time.


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