Languedoc atmosphere

On the Mediterranean coast it’s beaches and beach umbrellas! Out in the countryside, it’s vineyards and the scented Mediterranean scrubland known as the 'garrigue'. In the towns it's festivals, and in the mountains it’s excursions and local flavours.

A huge range of options is on offer in Languedoc in the South of France.
Four settings, four atmospheres constantly interweaving across a region that’s made special by the variety of the landscapes.Why choose? Enjoy it all!


  • Double the pleasure, right on the edge of the Mediterranean.
    In the sea, try out some water sports or just enjoy splashing around with the kids.
    On the beach, spend some quality time with the family or a more romantic moment with your partner.

  • The towns of Languedoc have the best of both worlds: brilliant sunshine and shady little streets. From Montpellier to Béziers, Sète and Lodève, the towns are overflowing with charm and atmosphere, along with the type of good life that only the South of France can offer.

  • The Languedoc countryside fluctuates between sprawling vineyards and the 'garrigue' or Mediterranean scrubland. These landscapes are typical of the region and bear witness to its long past and more than one thousand years of agricultural activity under the warm Mediterranean sun.

  • In Languedoc, the varied landscapes are just waiting to be discovered: vertiginous gorges, bubbling streams, sheer cliff faces, lush green forests and majestic lakes. Lovers of hiking or cycling are sure to appreciate the wide open spaces.


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