Languedoc Culture

Beside the Mediterranean, beneath the sun of the South of France,
Languedoc proudly displays all the riches of its proud Languedoc identity.

The history of Languedoc can be seen in its landscapes, which are perfect for a ramble between the sea and the mountains. Take a trip to explore the typical architecture of Languedoc, its history, its famous names - all have that southern accent, their works all steeped in sunlight.
In the South of France, traditional festivals will bring magic to your holiday.

  • Languedoc has been settled by humans since prehistoric times.
    In the classical era they grew grapes. Ever since, changes in the landscape have continued to be linked to what really is a ‘wine-growing civilisation’.

  • Its traditional events give you a good taste of what makes this land of Occitania so special. Legend, religion, folklore and friendliness are all brought together in these lively and varied events: jousting, the bull games, festivals...


  • From cathedral-builders to the most avant-garde of architects, Languedoc has a wide and varied range of religious and secular buildings: abbeys and cathedrals stand alongside stylish town houses and châteaux...

  • Lieux de savoir, Hérault le Languedoc est riche de musées prêts à vous révéler le patrimoine du Languedoc. Préhistoire, antiquité romaine, art, enfants du pays devenus célèbres...

  • Ces musées aux thématiques singulières sont autant de lieux uniques et plein de surprises, de la découverte des traditions du Languedoc aux témoignages de passionnés.


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