Wine Tourism

Languedoc is a land of vineyards, wines and wine-growers.

In southern France, the Languedoc vineyards extend from the mountains of the Massif Central to the Mediterranean and offer a range of wines to sample that will delight your palate.

  • Languedoc is a land
    of vines and wines. The Languedoc wine-growing area is the most extensive in the world, reaching from the foothills of the Massif Central to the Mediterranean. It is also France’s oldest wine region.

  • Vines spread their roots across the Languedoc: from the wines of the Mediterranean to the Canal du Midi, passing through the very heart of the Hérault area, the 'Grès de Montpellier', the Cévennes mountains, the 'Pic-Saint-Loup'…

  • Spend a day following these routes by car or motorbike, on the coast, in the highlands or through the Mediterranean scrubland (garrigue). Whether you’re on a country lane or a main road, spend a day or half-day getting a different view of the Hérault area in Languedoc.

  • The gastronomy of Languedoc is based on typical produce from the South of France and the Mediterranean sea. Whether they are sweet or savoury, they go well with the great wines of Languedoc to delight your connoisseur’s palate!


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