Gastronomy in Languedoc

The gastronomy of Languedoc is based on typical produce from the South of France
and the Mediterranean sea.

The gastronomy of Languedoc brings together traditional Mediterranean recipes with others from Italy or from the Tarn and Aveyron departments. Dishes are prepared with local produce and their name is often in the Occitan language, formerly spoken throughout Languedoc. Whether they are sweet or savoury, they go well with the great wines of Languedoc – you can be sure that ‘Destination Languedoc’ will pull out all the stops to delight your connoisseur’s palate!

  • In spring, taste Languedoc!
    This is when markets,
    with their colours, aromas and fruity, sweet tastes, are back in business, a time of sweet savours and fresh tastes.

  • The Languedoc has ‘taste’. It is brimming over with rich and varied local produce: fish and seafood, fruit that is fresh and highly perfumed, muscatel grapes in the vineyards...

  • In Languedoc, local activity in the autumn centres on wine and local produce. You’ll be welcome to join in and enjoy the subtle alliance between the different foods and wines!

  • There’s nothing more comforting in winter than enjoying Languedoc’s many flavours and elegant products of irreproachable quality, such as will delight any gourmet.


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