Located near the Mediterranean, the Hérault is covered by the "Tourism & Disability" label ensuring that you can enjoy a holiday or stay in the south of France adapted to your needs.

A wealth of facilities and establishments in the Hérault offer services specially adapted to the needs of disabled visitors. You'll find useful information about the fine sandy beaches, specially adapted transport or accommodation and personal services. As a family or as a couple, choose your holidays according to your interests... whatever your disability.
  • For a successful stay in the Hérault area of southern France specially adapted to your needs, here is a selection of practical information concerning all types of disability.

  • Book accommodation specially adapted for disabled guests in the Hérault area near the Mediterranean.

  • Located near the Mediterranean, your holidays in the Hérault area of southern France can be specially adapted to your needs and are covered by the Tourism & Disability label.

  • In the Hérault area near the Mediterranean, you can discover restaurants covered by the Tourism & Disability quality label and visit a wine cellar.


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