A land of legend

Mountains, rivers, rocks, bridges… The landscapes and monuments of the Hérault area have fired people’s imagination since the dawn of time.
These are a few well-known legends from Hérault that will spark your imagination and delight your children.
  • This is the legend surrounding a medieval castle that stands, menacingly, on a rocky outcrop above St-Guilhem le Désert.

  • Probably one of Hérault’s best-known legends, based on the Pont du Diable near St-Guilhem le Désert.

  • This is one of Hérault’s most famous legends. The sorrow of a mother gives its name to a famous river resurgence and a cave that you really should visit.

  • It’s no surprise that the Pic St-Loup is the basis for a well-known legend. When you’re talking about the legends of Languedoc, there are bound to be knights, crusades and courtly love involved.

  • The Massif du Caroux can be seen all the way from the coast. Its shape distinguishes it from all other mountains. It has always served to inspire tales of mystery and imagination.

  • Because of its wild and unspoilt landscapes, Haut-Languedoc is a land that easily gives rise to legends and tales.

  • Places that look a bit strange have always given rise to stories and legends involving monsters or magical happenings.


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