Built heritage

Languedoc’s built heritage is impressive and varied. Cathedrals and abbeys played signficant roles in medieval history, while the Languedoc ‘follies’ and the many mansion houses tell a tale of more prosperous times
In the shadow of these ancient buildings you discover the history in books and the history of ordinary people, and local legends that send shivers down your spine. Drift back in time as you imagine what life used to be like for the people who lived in this unchanging landscape.
  • The Cistercian and Benedictine abbeys of the Hérault area, ancient examples of Romanesque art and Southern Gothic, can be found nestling in valleys among the vineyards or in the ‘garrigue’ (Mediterranean scrubland).

  • Rising up like castles, Languedoc’s cathedrals have an impressively defensive appearance. They’ve occupied pride of place in our cities for centuries.

  • In the Hérault area you’ll find many contemporary masterpieces by famous architects including Jean Nouvel, Zaha Hadid, Starck and Ricardo Bofill.

  • Powered by water or wind, the mills of the Hérault area often have a long history. They’re the link between human activity and the forces of Nature.

  • Languedoc follies and winegrowers’ mansions have a majesty all of their own. Set in extensive grounds with nature all around, this built heritage is typical of Hérault and is an attractive feature of this area.


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